Stamping & Forming Solutions

Emco Pressmaster Pvt. Ltd. is the exemplar of presses and press automation in India.

At Pressmaster, we continually endeavor to build and sustain our dominance in markets through Excellence in Innovation, Quality & Customer Relations.

Our consistent study of market requirements and perseverance in engineering advancements enables Pressmaster to promptly respond to changing market needs and customer requirements.

It is this tireless effort that keeps Pressmaster a step ahead of other manufacturers in terms of unmatched features and cost effective solutions.

With over two and half decades of manufacturing experience under the leadership of Mr. Manoj Manga, Pressmaster has established itself as a global manufacturer with presses in India, North & South America, Mexico, Canada, Russia, Thailand, Singapore, Myanmar, Egypt, Italy and other parts of Europe.

Trust and transparency are the keystones of Capital equipment purchase. For us, at Pressmaster, our ultimate aim is Customer Satisfaction in Every Way.